Children and Youth Ministries

At ZCC we believe that our youth are a vital part of our congregational life. We welcome crying babies, fidgeting toddlers, questioning teens, and everything in between.

During the Worship Service

We offer nursery services for children aged 0-2. Children in preschool through second grade can join in the first part of the worship service and will be dismissed partway through to participate in Worship Our Way (WOW), a Sunday school program that includes Christian education and playtime. Children in third grade and up are invited to stay with their families during the worship service.

Sunday and Beyond…

Outside of the Sunday worship service, we provide Christian education tailored to our older youth, including Bible Activities for Cool Christian Kids (BACCK) Pack for third through fifth graders and Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) for sixth through twelfth graders.

Youth in Action: Wilkinsburg Peace Project

This fascinating documentary (by ZCC youth Jacob Thurman) on the Wilkinsburg Peace Project highlights ZCC and local youth in action and takes a closer look at the Wilkinsburg community, its struggles with racism and poverty, and how the Peace Project is working to inspire hope and change.