Beliefs and Affirmations

We share a number of things in common:

  • Our practice of gathering together each Sunday morning as an expression of our desire to know God and each other.
  • Our practice of sharing in weekly communion as a reminder of God’s grace and of our mission to extend the invitation to all people to join us at God’s table.
  • Our belief that God is revealed through the life of Jesus and that learning from his life shows us how to make the world right again.
  • Our belief that a life of faith is best explored without fear and shame.
  • Our belief that to be a part of a community of faith is to seek God’s help in living a life of personal transformation.
  • Our belief that service to others moves us closer to the world as God intended it to be.
  • Our affirmation that each person is a child of God and worthy of God’s grace and love.

We also affirm some important differences that are vital to our witness in the world:

  • That exploring our differences in understanding the Bible is a valuable part of the discovery of truth.
  • That our value of diversity is extended to each person’s unique spiritual journey.
  • That participation in a community of Christians is based not on acceptance of a common set of beliefs but on a common trust in God.