Capital Campaign 2021

Capital Campaign Update, August 22, 2023

As I begin writing this update, Mike Fowler (ZCC treasurer) is making final arrangements to deliver payment to Disciples Church Extension Fund. This payment will pay off the loan we obtained in 2017 to accomplish the Welcoming Building Plan!

We’ve found meaning in the relationships built and conversations shared in the Gathering Space. We’ve lived with integrity in proclaiming our congregational value and commitment to radical hospitality by ensuring ZCC is accessible for everyone through the addition of an accessible/family restroom. Now we can utilize these meaningful aspects of ZCC property without being encumbered by the Welcoming Building Plan monthly loan payment.

When I think of the conversations that have taken place, the stories that have been told, in the comfort of our Gathering Space, I’m inspired to share another story… 
This is a story far greater than just a congregation who, as of today, has paid off a debt. The story that YOU have inspired me to tell is a story of a people’s generosity, a congregation who clearly understands building/property as a tool for ministry and mission rather than building/property being “the point,” a congregation committed to future mission and ministry. The story I’m inspired to tell is a story that is summed up in the second part of our 2021 Capital Campaign’s title: Gathering Together, Moving Ahead. We are a generous congregation committed to embarking upon new ministry opportunities… a people “moving ahead.”

Your generosity to paying off this debt is a commitment to, and has made possible, a future of transformative ministry! For you, a generous congregation who has, in many ways, thrown open the door to future endeavors, I’m SO grateful. I’m so thankful to be your pastor. Today, I celebrate you, your generosity; I celebrate with you; and I’m full of hope for what lies ahead of us. Again, thank you.

Hold one second, please… Mike Fowler just popped into my office; he informs me he’s off to the Disciples Center to hand over a check… a sign of your generosity.

We’re still “gathering” and “moving,” just in a significantly different way. Your generosity has made that possible!

With gratitude,
Rev. Tyler

Capital Campaign Update, July 2023

Capital account balance

In 2017, ZCC secured a 15-year loan of $363,000 to pay for the remodel of the Gathering Space, renovation of restrooms, and creation of a new family/accessible restroom. The Gathering Space has become ZCC’s favorite place for meetings, gatherings, and fostering relationships. The Gathering Space is a hub of welcome and hospitality; the restroom renovations/creation speak to our “all means all” core value.  We are experiencing the benefit of the Welcoming Building Plan.

In January 2021, our loan balance was $324,028. That April, we kicked off our three-year Gathering Together, Moving Ahead capital campaign. By June, the balance was $242,703. Jump forward to June 2022: the balance was just $162,600. As of July 24, 2023, our loan balance is just $50,232.34. This extraordinary achievement has occurred due to the generosity and commitment of ZCC. The feat of decreasing this debt is made more amazing by the fact that we did it during the COVID-19 pandemic; we paid a significant portion of our debt on a building we weren’t able to fully utilize.

Loan Balance

Our mortgage with Church Extension is an adjustable rate mortgage (adjusted every three years) and is not immune to fluctuations with the market and interest rates. The interest rate is due to adjust in September, and will likely hike the rate to somewhere between 6-7 percent. The interest we pay each month will be higher.

If we can pay off the loan by September, we will save more than $43,000 in interest and be able to burn the mortgage. This would also eliminate our monthly payment of $2,885.00. Once we’ve finished paying off this mortgage, we can begin to accumulate funds for the north hallway restroom project.

Our matching gift donor would like to challenge us to consider an extra gift to the capital fund this summer. Perhaps you have met your estimate of giving to this campaign and would like to add to this extra push. Maybe you have not yet made a gift to the capital fund; now is a great opportunity to participate. At any rate, your gift this summer could make a big difference. As of July 24, we have $25,130.87 in our capital account; we are halfway to having our remaining mortgage balance paid off.  Thank you for your continued attention and generosity to this fund.