Nursery Attendant

POSITION: The Nursery Attendant is responsible for all aspects for the care and Christian education for the children in her/his care.  The responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  physical caregiving, following an age-appropriate curriculum plan, and facilitating supportive relationships with parents and church administration.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Attendant will be in the Nursery each Sunday from the hours of 9:30am to Noon and show the ability to demonstrate flexibility, initiative, accountable, and provide complete follow-through on areas of responsibility. Deal effectively with stress involved with dealing closely with children.   Attendant must be a minimum age of 21 years and will submit all necessary personal information to complete a criminal background check. She/he will abide to the policies and practices of Zionsville Christian Church.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS/RESPONSIBILITIES:  Responsibilities of this position will include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Ensure the safety of each child in your care whether in the classroom or in common areas;
  • Plan and implement age and developmentally appropriate classroom practices that will include the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of the young children.
  • Serve as a role model for the children in the areas of attitude, speech, and actions daily;
  • Treat each child and parents with dignity and respect for cultural/socioeconomic diversity;
  • Maintain current information on each child and parents for emergency contact;
  • Observe and respond to children’s needs, emergencies, and conflicts that might occur;
  • Supervise up to four (4) children from the ages of newborn to 3 years of age;
  • Lift 50 lbs. and react to a child 20-30 feet away within 30 seconds;   
  • Respond to child’s first-aid needs, changing diapers, snacks, and formula feeding;
  • Communicate written and orally with parents and church administration;
  • AND, most importantly, children will always remain in the Nursery and ONLY released to their parents.