Face-to-Face phase 3.5

At the board meeting of July 19, the ZCC Board has modified the Face to Face plan. We are still mindful of the fact that children under the age 12 are not yet vaccinated, and that the new Delta Variant is highly contagious and that there are still things we do not understand about this virus. As a result we have made the following adjustments to our plan.


  1. Everyone masks (regardless of vaccination status) when entering the building, greeting one another, singing and attending classes. It will be OK to drop masks during worship when sitting in worship, or drinking coffee. We will ask people to still social distance.
  2. Self service of snacks and coffee are now allowed.
  3. Church school and other program life will begin again in September (with the exception of nursery, which will be again reviewed at the September board meeting). Current adult classes that are meeting shall wear masks and try to distance in their space.
  4. We will still continue with self-service communion and an offering basket in the narthex.
  5. Outside groups may now use the facilities, following social distancing and mask protocols.
  6. As a board, we will continue to monitor infection rates, and adhere to CDC and Pediatric association guidance.

Because we love children:

  • Wear a mask when: Walking, Talking, and Singing (regardless of vaccination status).
  • You may drop the mask when drinking coffee or just sitting in worship.
  • Space yourself in classes, sanctuary, and gathering space.

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